Joe Biden trips up the stairs of Air Force 1 three times, and the White House blames the wind – 3/19/2021 – Did you see it?

São Paulo

US President Joe Biden went through an embarrassing situation on Friday morning (19) while climbing the stairs of Air Force One, the official plane of the US Presidency. He tripped three times and fell into one of them.

Biden was on his way to Atlanta, where he will speak to the Asian-American community about the three spa shootings that took place this week. As he climbed the 25 steps to access the plane, he tripped over and over again until he fell to one knee.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters the president was long after the fall and suggested high winds may have contributed to it. “It’s very windy outside,” she said, according to Reuters. “It is 100%,” he concluded.

In late November, Biden suffered a broken right foot while playing with one of his dogs. At 78, he was the oldest person to assume the presidency when he entered the White House on January 20.

Biden decided to travel to Atlanta after the massacre that claimed eight lives, including six women of Asian descent, this week, sparking a new wave of fear and revolt among Asian Americans. The president, however, has already said the motivation for the attacks has not been confirmed.

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