Putin annoys Biden, says ‘we see our own qualities in other people’ – 3/18/2021 – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted ironically on Thursday (18) to statements made by his American counterpart during an interview with ABC News. When asked if the Russian leader was a murderer, Joe Biden nodded and said yes.

“We always look to others for our own qualities and think they are like us,” Putin said in a televised speech, adding that he wished “good health” for the American leader.

“They think we are like them, but we have a different genetic, cultural and moral code and we know how to defend our own interests.”

According to Putin, Russia is ready to work with the United States, but in areas that correspond to its interests and under conditions that the Kremlin sees as beneficial. “And they will have to take that into account,” he said.

Biden’s statements that sparked Putin’s reaction came after U.S. intelligence agencies on Tuesday released a report that Russia tried to help Trump re-elect.

The American president declared that Putin “will pay a price”, without detailing what these would be the consequences, telling his interlocutors only “you will know soon”.

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