Itamaraty postpones diplomat competition for 2nd time due to pandemic situation in Brazil – 03/15/2021 – Worldwide

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to postpone the competition for a diplomatic career, the first phase of which was scheduled for April 11 in 26 capitals and the Federal District, due to the “public health emergency situation of the Covid pandemic -19 “.

The information was published in the Official Journal on Monday (15). According to the publication, the new date is scheduled for May 30 and a new schedule will be released later.

The call for tenders for the competition was published on February 18 and ratified a first document, dated June 29 of last year, which announced the test for the month of August. At the time, after representations to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, the agency recommended that the examination be suspended, which eventually occurred.

In the document sent at the time to the Rio Branco Institute and the American Development Institute (Iades), responsible for applying the test, the MPF recommended extending the date “until the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19 is at least under control in the country. “.

This time, the MPF even received representations from those taking the test, but that had not yet manifested itself. Today, Brazil faces its worst moment of the pandemic. This Sunday (14), the country ended its deadliest week, with 12,795 dead. The moving average of deaths broke a record for the 16th day in a row, which reached 1,832 deaths per day in the past seven days, according to the press consortium formed by Folha, UOL, O Estado de S. Paulo, Extra, O Globo and G1.

There were 1,111 deaths and 43,781 cases of Covid-19 on Sunday. Thus, the country has reached 278,327 deaths and 11,483,031 infections due to the disease since the start of the pandemic.

The situation is critical in all regions of the country. In addition, vaccination continues at a slow pace, and 6.04% of Brazilians over 18 took the first dose and only 2.22% the second.

Asked by Folha about the review at this time, Itamaraty said in a note that the announcement of the announcement “took into account the start of the vaccination campaign and the effectiveness of preventive measures against Covid -19 during the selection process recently carried out. , like Enem, who counted on the participation of several thousand candidates in face-to-face tests across the country ”.

The record indicated that the test for the Rio Branco Institute was on a smaller scale, with around 6,000 applicants for the first phase. In subsequent stages, that number drops to 250. “Thus, there are conditions for the competition activities to be conducted safely, following the guidelines of federal, state and municipal health agencies,” the note said.

Another reason for this success was the shortage of employees. The ministry said failure to apply the evidence would harm the public interest. << The completion of the ordinary framework of the diplomat's career on an annual basis allows an adequate distribution of posts in the country and abroad and ensures the execution of public policies under the responsibility of the MRE, including the functioning of the network of embassies and consulates. "

Ricardo Macau, professor of constitutional and international law in a preparatory course for the Itamaraty competition, confirms that the diplomat’s career is already lacking in professionals.

“Today, the image is only replaced, new positions are not open. Competitions relate to open positions due to retirement, death or even exemption, ”he explains. “The world of international relations demands more and more resources, strategy and diplomats, and in recent years we have been concerned only with filling the vacancies that already exist.”

However, he thinks the situation is manageable, as there are careers that last for years without running a competition. The professor also explains that there is no legal impact on the suspension of the test compared to the budget planned to carry it out.

“These are just simple spending authorizations, which may or may not be used,” he says. “It is up to Itamaraty and the President of the Republic, in the final analysis, to make a judgment of convenience and expediency. Whether it is convenient and opportune to insist on a test which has budgetary authorization, a more or less defined entry time, or whether it is opportune to risk massive contamination.

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