Bloomberg highlights ‘foolish decisions’ in Brazil that turned into ‘leper colony’ – 03/14/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In a detailed report sent from Leticia, Colombia, but listing nearly all of the “nervous neighbors” closing the borders, from Venezuela to Uruguay, Bloomberg pointed out over the weekend:

“For the rest of Latin America, Brazil has always been a nation apart. Today it’s something different: a threat that spreads Covid and is quickly becoming something of a leper colony.”

At the top of the Drudge Report, “Brazil plunges into the deadliest chapter of the pandemic …”. In the New York Times, “The last man of the people Juma dies of Covid in Brazil”.

The same Bloomberg, in a newsletter, chosen as his sentence of the week in the world, from Lula (above): “This country has no government. Don’t follow any stupid decisions of the President or the Minister of Health . Get vaccinated “.

Also in this line, Time magazine stressed that Jair Bolsonaro, with “Lula’s return to the scene, is now adopting vaccines”. And the German Der Spiegel, who “Bolsonaro wears lambskin, is afraid of Lula’s return”.

Closing Sunday, Bloomberg said “Brazil can replace health minister at the height of the pandemic.”


In the Times of India and other newspapers across the country this weekend, “With an alarming increase, Brazil overtakes India to become the second most affected country by Covid.”

But the same newspapers also brought bad news to their country, “India to review side effects of AstraZeneca after clot problems”, which led to the suspension of the vaccine in several countries in Europe and Europe. ‘Asia itself.


Three days after the publication of a short text by “TV presenter and entrepreneur” Luciano Huck on the environment, the British Financial Times published an editorial criticizing the “unfortunate consequences of Lula’s return”.

Minister Edson Fachin, “judge appointed by Lula’s party”, questions the decision “on the basis of simple technicality”. And he ends by deploring “a polarized election, next year, between candidates of the far right and the old left”.


“While the details are not as revealing to Americans as those involving Snowden and the NSA, it is a fascinating portrait of the importance of journalism in today’s turbulent political world,” says Kirkus Reviews, in Glenn Greenwald’s first book review, which is coming to the US in three weeks (cover above).

The American journalist, now on the Substack platform, focused on issues in his own country, including testimony in Congress. But he returned to Brazil this week, writing about “many lessons for the West” in the politicized persecution of Lula.

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