Oprah rules out Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s involvement in racism charges

US presenter Oprah Winfrey said on Monday (8) that Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip were not involved in conversations about concern over the skin tone of Prince Harry’s first child with the actress Meghan Markle.

“He [Harry] didn’t share his identity with me, but he wanted to make sure that I knew, if I had the opportunity to share, that neither his grandmother nor his grandfather was part of those conversations, ”Oprah said. during an interview with the CBS broadcaster on Monday, adding that he insisted, outside of the recordings, on who was allegedly involved in the case.

In an interview with Oprah on Sunday (7), Meghan said some royals feared the skin color of the couple’s first child, Archie, born in 2019.

Harry and his wife have not named anyone who has expressed concerns about Archie’s skin color, but Meghan said she had a “pretty safe guess” that, for those involved, the possibility that the former the couple’s child having darker skin was a problem.

In excerpts from the interview which were not shown on Sunday, Harry said racism was one of the main reasons the couple left the UK. Next to his wife, he had already said that he had to put himself in Meghan’s shoes to understand the look and the prejudices she faced as a black woman.

“I spent many years doing the job and learning on my own. But then in my upbringing and in the system that I was raised and exposed to, I was not aware of this. But, my God, it didn’t take long to suddenly realize it, ”he said of racial issues.

According to Meghan’s account, while she was still pregnant, she was informed by Buckingham Palace that her son, Archie, would not receive the title of prince and therefore would not receive the official bond to which the royal family has law.

Asked by Oprah whether she considered it important that her son be called a prince, Meghan said she had no attachment to official titles. What bothered her, according to the account, was the idea that Archie might not be safe besides the fact that as the first member of the royal family of black origin, he would not receive the same treatment as the queen’s other great-grandchildren.

Meghan and Harry took part in the last real date in March last year after announcing their departure from real functions. They have since lived in Canada for some time and are currently in Montecito, California. The couple even sued some posts and paparazzi for invasion of privacy.

The interview, already awaited, has gained momentum in recent days, with the broadcaster broadcasting excerpts of the conversation. In addition, Meghan entered a new controversy with British royalty last week, as Buckingham Palace decided to investigate possible harassment by the Duchess of officials.

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