NYT Says Brazil ‘World Alert’ – 03/03/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the New York Times, with the image below, “The Covid crisis in Brazil is a warning to the whole world, scientists say”. Also highlighted, “communities can lose ground as the more contagious variant spreads”. Opening of the text:

“Covid-19 has already left traces of death and despair in Brazil, one of the worst in the world. Today, a year after the start of the pandemic, the country is setting a new painful record. an epidemic still battles the record number of deaths. “

The material follows similar reports published in other American vehicles, such as the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

But it is controversial to say that “preliminary studies suggest that the variant [brasileira P1] appears to be able to infect some people who have already recovered from other versions of the virus.

In addition, one of them “suggests that Coronavac, made in China, is less effective against P1 than against other variants.”


Via social media, USP professor Paulo Lotufo directly questioned the NYT, claiming that “the official account that the P1 variant is the cause of the increase in cases, besides having no empirical basis, serves as an excuse for the inaction of the federal government “.

And Coronavac defends: “The ‘Preprint’ study with eight cases, but 54 authors, some with a declared conflict of interest, is highlighted and the headlines whose consequence will be to discredit the only vaccine we have. Difficult to continue the day ”. On the conflict, he highlighted “working with Moderna”.

Two weeks earlier, the South China Morning Post had heard the Butantan Institute report that tests of the vaccine had already been carried out with the South African and British variants, “with good results”.


But fear of the Brazilian variant is now spreading across the United States, with reports of new cases from Florida to Oregon in increasingly alarmist tones from the Miami Herald to the New York Post tabloid.

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