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A very pleasant surprise appeared in my message box this Monday morning. I am speaking of the book “Chaco Brasileiro: A Biodiversity Photographic Manifesto” (richly illustrated in electronic PDF format, which you can download for free by clicking here). The work is a 300+ page guide that helps you know – and I bet you love it – the Brazilian part of the Gran Chaco, a very peculiar South American biome that many people have no idea exists here .

Gran Chaco is a unique mixture of semi-arid, savannah and Pantanal with grasses, cacti and forests, which are influenced by the alternation of dry and rainy seasons. The panoramas revealed in the book, the details of flowers, fruits and fauna (especially birds) are breathtaking. Much of the remains of the biome in Brazil are in the municipality of Porto Murtinho (MS).

The authors are Paulo Robson de Souza, Angela Lúcia Bagnatori Sartori, Arnildo Pott, Flávia Maria Leme, Thomaz Ricardo Favreto Sinani, Rosani do Carmo de Oliveira Arruda and Adriano Afonso Spielmann. Congratulations to you for the great initiative!


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