The USP project looks at human evolution with a pluralistic and integrative approach – Darwin and Deus

It is a great pleasure to bring the blog reader’s attention to a very interesting scientific dissemination project that was created by employees of the LAAAE-USP (Archeology, Environment and Evolution Laboratory of the USP). This is Evolução para death under the direction of three doctoral students of the laboratory: Mariana Inglez, Lisiane Müller and Eliane Chim.

The trio draws attention to an obvious problem in the Brazilian (and worldwide) academic and scholarly dissemination community: we are very few. The participation and representation of non-white and male professionals in these areas is still very low. And this is perhaps particularly serious in areas such as archeology and paleoanthropology, which have a historical relationship with colonialism and racism – which of course needs to be discussed and criticized. The great irony, of course, is that the vast majority of crucial events in human evolution took place in Africa and other distant regions of Europe involving populations that we would now consider black.

Hence the invitation to get to know the competent work of the girls. For example, you can access the project’s Instagram. And for those who have little scientists at home, a very cute series of videos are produced on the subjects the group is dedicated to. You can check out the first two here:

Is here:

(Anyone who knows the Cidade Universitária in the capital São Paulo will surely recognize the building of the USP Biosciences Institute in the first frame of the second video.

Congratulations on the initiative and the long life of the project!


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