Biden and Merkel to meet, but alliance is ‘not that simple’ – 02/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

This Friday (19), the American Joe Biden practically meets the German Angela Merkel. In the New York Times appeal, “Biden’s plan to join forces with Europe against Russia and China is not that simple.”

Below, “Europeans want a more balanced relationship, with more dialogue and less diktat”, less dictates. The newspaper warns that “China may be a rival to the United States, but it is a vital trading partner for Europe.”

It highlights, as differences, the investment agreement between the European Union and China and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Germany and Russia, work resumed despite the threat of US sanctions.

The NYT points out that Biden and Merkel will be at the Munich security conference virtually – not to mention that they are also participating in a virtual G7 meeting, hosted by the UK, which has left and continues to confront the EU .


Newspapers like German Handelsblatt also point out that “there is frustration in Washington” with the European position on China. And this “discontent” of Biden is mostly with Merkel.

But she did respond, with European envoys claiming, for example, as the NYT points out, that the deal with China should guarantee the same access Donald Trump got for the United States in his original deal with Beijing.

Thursday (18), a European official went further and, in the highlight of the Politico site, “warned Biden” of the “Buy American” program, which intends to direct government purchases towards American products and services.

The Europeans “will monitor whether the United States moves away from the commitments of the World Trade Organization”.


Via the France Presse agency and the British like the Financial Times, French President Emmanuel Macron led the virtual G7 agenda to prioritize the sending of vaccines to Africa.

He will charge Biden and others that “5% of the doses are sent” to the mainland, “where China and Russia are expanding their influence” with vaccines, the FT said.


After South Africa, the Germans, the French, the Italians, the Austrians, the Bulgarians and the Swedes refused the British AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine, report AFP, Reuters, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Wall Street Journal.


Via Twitter, with the photo, Angela Merkel greeted (“well done!”) The arrival of Italian Mario Draghi, who will be at her side in the G7. German public company Deutsche Welle recalls that Draghi became president of the European Central Bank thanks to Merkel and was called, in the German press, “Prussian Italian”.

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