For two hours, Biden and Xi talk about “ rights, trade and climate ” – 02/11/2021 – Nelson de Sá

According to the Associated Press reporter at the White House, Joe Biden’s conversation with Xi Jinping lasted two hours. At CBS on Sunday, Biden had previously said “he spent more time with Xi than any world leader, 24, 25 hours of private meetings.”

In the Wall Street Journal appeal about the phone call, “Biden and Xi have a conversation about rights, trade and the climate.” And from the New York Times, “Biden insists on human rights in first appeal to Xi.”

In China, Xinhua pointed out that Biden called New Year’s morning in the country, wishing “prosperity and development.” In English, the agency stressed that Xi defended “the restoration of dialogue mechanisms” between the two powers.

With the image above, Beijing’s Global Times / Huanqiu made the headlines that the conversation “sets the tone” for relationships, from now on. In Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, “Xi and Biden are breaking the ice, but can they reduce tensions?”


Biden also called Narendra Modi from India two days earlier and, according to the White House, “he noted that a shared commitment to democratic values ​​is the basis of the US-Indian relationship.”

The next day, in the Financial Times’ appeal, the American platform “Twitter blocks accounts after the Indian government has demanded”. There were more than 500, amid protests by farmers across the country against Modi.


In the title of the English version of the Financial Nikkei, “Dissociation Denied: Japan Inc. Bets on China.” He is referring to “decoupling,” the exit of Japanese companies from China, which the United States billed under Trump. The newspaper takes Panasonic as an example of the expansion of Japanese investment in production in China.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Handelsblatt highlight German companies’ dismay with the new extension of the “endless lockdown”, hearing entities say “there is no light at the end of the tunnel”.

And the WSJ noted that in the United States, plans to reopen offices have been moved “by September or later,” businesses and employees “into limbo, from Silicon Valley to Tennessee and Pennsylvania.”


In the blog of the technology giant, with the photo, the president of Microsoft has defended to extend to the United States, Europe “and others” the Australian project which determines the remuneration of the news by the platforms, criticizing the threats of Google and Facebook to the country.

In the German title Handelsblatt, “Microsoft declares war on Google and Facebook”.

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