Biden wants to be Brazil’s environmental partner, says US ambassador – 02/05/2021 – Worldwide

US Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman said on Friday (5) that President Joe Biden’s government wants to partner with Brazil on the environmental issue.

“We talked about a lot of issues, but of course, a lot of environmental issues. Indeed, the administration of my new president, Biden, emphasizes the importance of climate change. We want to be good partners in Brazil in this area because we are already working hard. The conversation has been excellent and we will continue to discuss, ”Chapman said after meeting Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão (PRTB).

The US diplomat said the country’s interest in the issue of climate change had increased and highlighted the appointment of former Secretary John Kerry to address the issue.

“We are paying a lot of attention to this and we want to work with Brazil on it.”

The conduct of the Brazilian government’s environmental policy has already been criticized by Biden even before his election as president, during the first debate between the Democrat and then President Donald Trump in September of last year.

“The rainforest in Brazil is being destroyed,” criticized Biden, who pledged to join other countries and offer US $ 20 billion (112 billion reais at the time) to help preserve the region.

“Stop destroying the forest and, if you don’t, you will have significant economic consequences,” he added, indicating possible retaliation to the Brazilian government.

The next day, President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) described the then candidate’s speech as “regrettable”.

On January 28 of this year, Biden laughed after being asked to speak to Jair Bolsonaro.

This week, Biden and high-ranking members of the new U.S. government received a brief calling for a freeze on agreements, negotiations and political alliances with Brazil while Bolsonaro is in the presidency.

On Friday, Mourão, who chairs the Amazon Council, said the conversation with Chapman was aimed at showing what the Brazilian government has done to preserve the environment.

“We want to show what we are doing, open this dialogue, through the embassy, ​​and make it clear that all the necessary information that we are able to show, to hear the reality that is happening there. It was a very good dialogue. “said the vice-president.

According to Mourão, an English presentation has been approved with the results of the next Amazon Council meeting and Chapman will help with the dissemination.

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