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The Federal University of Sergipe is offering, from this Tuesday (26), a free virtual course on translation from Arabic into Portuguese. The course “Translation as reading of the other” is part of the activities of the CEAI (Center for Arab and Islamic Studies), the creation of which was reported by this Orientalíssimo blog at the end of 2019.

At the Brazil – Arab News Agency, CEAI coordinator Geraldo Adriano Godoy de Campos said the course did not have any prerequisites, not even knowledge of Arabic. The idea is to bring together people who are interested in reflecting on the translator’s work. “This course was born from the identification of a need. Undergraduates showed interest in a translation debate that went beyond just the most technical elements, ”Campos said.

The course will be opened by Professor Mamede Mustafa Jarouche, from the University of São Paulo, in charge of translating the “Book of One Thousand and One Nights” into Portuguese. There will also be meetings with Campos, Felipe Benjamin, Ahmed Zoghbi and Wellington Costa.

It’s a great time to discuss translating from Arabic to Portuguese. Editora Tabla entered the market in July 2020 with a specific vocation for this work. Among his releases since then, there is the novel “Correio Noturno”, by Lebanese Hoda Barakat, with translation by Safa Jubran. With that, there is a new breath.

The meetings of the course “Translation as reading of the other” take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from January 26th to February 11th. Each class will last two hours. To register, it is necessary to access the course list on the Federal University of Sergipe website.

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