China attracts and becomes “ essential economy ” – 24/01/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In Sunday’s Wall Street Journal headline, “China overtakes the United States as # 1 destination for new foreign investment” (below, with Shanghai in November). In smaller letters, “the United States has been in the top for decades.”

This was the main focus of other US financial vehicles, such as CNBC, with the assessment that President Xi Jinping, who opens the World Economic Forum on Monday, “positions China as the indispensable economy.”

For the WSJ, the data shows that “the pandemic is accentuating the shift in the center of gravity of the world economy” for Asia. He cites the growing investments by Walmart, Tesla and Disney in China, in contrast to four years of White House pressure on US companies to leave the country.

UN data also shows that new foreign investment fell by half in Brazil, in line with other larger economies in Latin America – except Mexico, with a drop of less than 10%.


The Council on Foreign Relations even compared the President of Mexico to a growling ‘dog’ in the United States in the New York Times, but the difficult Washington lobby game didn’t work and Joe Biden called out Andrés Manuel López Obrador. .

They addressed immigration and trade, according to the agencies, with the American promising to review his country’s “draconian” policies. “Mexico is the United States’ largest trading partner today,” Bloomberg explained.


Attacks on AMLO in Washington intensified after he demanded and secured the return of a former Mexican defense minister, arrested at the airport in the United States for alleged links to trafficking.

Mexican and American websites, like Vice, gained access to the evidence and reported primary translation errors made by American investigators, to the central points of the prosecution, and an inconsistency in attribution of messages to the former minister.


The WSJ reported that Biden is detailing his “Buy Now [produto] American, “which is“ viewed with suspicion by other countries. ”Especially by Canada, already struck by the suspension of the Keystone pipeline by the new president.

Donald Trump also had his “Buy American”, the newspaper noted, questioning the effects of the initiative.


Especially this weekend, the WSJ stressed that “China is joining the effort” of Europe and the United States to “contain the power of the tech giants”, from Facebook and Amazon to Alibaba and Tencent.

The English edition of Caixin (pictured above), which extensively covers regulatory measures taken by the Chinese government, reported that the Alipay / WeChat Pay duopoly has now won a competitor, Douyin Pay, from the same group as TikTok.

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