Trump administration had no plans to distribute Covid vaccine, says Biden chief of staff – 24/01/2021 – Worldwide

As Covid-19 has spread across the United States in recent months, there was no vaccine distribution plan organized by the Donald Trump administration, President Joe Biden’s chief of staff said on Sunday, Ron Klain.

“The process of distributing the vaccine, especially outside nursing homes and community hospitals, didn’t really exist when we got to the White House,” Klain said on the “Meet the Press” program. NBC.

Biden, who took office as President of the United States on Wednesday, has pledged a task force against the pandemic that has killed 400,000 people in the country under Republican administration.

Upon taking office, Biden signed a series of executive orders, some of which dealt with the distribution of the vaccine. Biden’s plan calls for partnerships with national and local authorities to establish vaccination points in conference centers, stadiums and gyms.

The new administration will also make available thousands of clinical teams from federal agencies, military medical teams and pharmaceutical networks to scale up vaccination, in addition to including teachers in the group eligible to receive the vaccine.

Trump’s program failed to meet the goal of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020.

“We have seen this situation across the country, where thousands of doses have been distributed, but only about half have been applied,” Klain said.

“The process of getting the vaccine into the patient’s arms is the complicated part of the process. This is where we are late. This is where we focus on the Biden administration, ”he added.

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