Joe Biden’s ‘adoration’ of the press already provokes aversion – 01/21/2021 – Nelson de Sá

From Jack Shafer, Media Columnist for Politico:

“The Washington Department of Public Works should have built an emergency drainage system, complete with ditches, culverts and tunnels to divert the torrent of praise, approval and worship that the press poured out on Joe Biden the day of the inauguration in the Potomac River. “

Under the headline “How about a little sobriety, please?” (below), related examples from CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and Washington Post.

More sober and focusing the fire on television, Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post itself, a former ombudsman for the New York Times, warned:

“We run the risk of being seduced by a government that in many cases closely reflects our values: multiculturalism, belief in the principles of liberal democracy. Comments from broadcasters throughout the day were at times embarrassing. “

Ahead of the two, Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld shared a few moments from CNN, MSNBC and NYT on the opening day to show how “the press drools for Joe.”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called a conference, by Handelsblatt and others, to address the “difficult phase” of the pandemic and the controversial reduction in vaccine delivery by US Pfizer – and to promise vaccines available to all Germans until September, when it should leave power. But what resonated outside of Germany was what she said about Biden, after praising:

“Don’t think that there will only be harmony between us. There will also be discussions on how best to do things for our two countries. “


Atlantic, now spokesman for the Democratic Party, after publishing an article by Biden himself in December, made headlines about an attack on Merkel on her inauguration day on Wednesday. Under the statement “Joe Biden has a problem in Europe”, the goal was the Europe deal with China “boosted by Merkel”.

An excerpt: “The continent that the United States fought in two wars to liberate and which has spent 75 years protecting now is making deals behind its back with its strategic rival.” Finally, he threatened to “relax his commitment to the military defense of Europe”.


In Argentina’s Ambito Financiero (above), President Alberto Fernández takes the Russian vaccine after its approval for the over-60s in the country. Brazilian Valor Econômico reports that Sputnik V, already produced in Brazil, still without approval, could go to Argentina.

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