Biden possession online show tries to unite Bruce Springsteen with George W. Bush – 21/01/2021 – Worldwide

It was dragged out and tiring, as you would expect an hour and a half live, with distance, masks and Joe Biden by star.

Without the anachronistic ball to mark the arrival of a new family to the White House, Democrats have brought together celebrities in popular music, from rap to country to Broadway, for a virtual bus tour, as described.

In part, they were campaign veterans of the party, but not necessarily of Biden, like Bruce Springsteen.

Following the message chosen for the day of the inauguration, we sought to celebrate the unity of the country, unlike the division that Donald Trump came to symbolize – even if it was already there, before taking office, there is four years.

Unity was the theme that attempted to link both the diversity of musical genres and the stage with three former presidents together, from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, but especially the Republican George W. Bush.

“Mr. President,” said Bush, who started endless wars, addressing a Biden who was not there, “I am rooted for your success, your success is the success of our country, God you bless “.

Neither he, Obama, nor the musical celebrities seemed comfortable, expressing more relief at what was over than high hopes.

The lyrics of the hits, changing the context, promised that “better days will come”, demanded that “let the sun come in”, guaranteed that “it is a new dawn, a new day, a new life”.

There was a lot of artifice in it, in the effort evident both in the kitchen recordings, with no acoustics and no makeup, as in the live and luxurious passages at the Lincoln Memorial.

But there were so many artists that many viewers gained at least a few minutes of happiness with their favorite, whether it was Luis Fonsi, with “Despacito”, Jon Bon Jovi, with “Here Comes the Sun”, or Katy Perry. , with “Firework”.

The musical theater, which will end a year behind closed doors in the US, has won a multi-voice edition, each in its own room or garden, for “Seasons of Love,” from “Rent,” saving actors from the original cast. , from 1994.

The best was the end, with an abundance of fireworks bringing Washington’s National Mall to life, hiding its emptiness.

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