With beautiful pictures, the book summarizes new knowledge about dinosaurs in Brazil – Darwin and God

I had the pleasure of recently receiving the beauty, the cover of which the kind reader can check above: “Novos Dinos do Brasil”, written by Professor Luiz E. Anelli and illustrated by Julio Lacerda, edited by Editora Peirópolis. For anyone interested in Brazilian prehistory, Professor Anelli’s work (including the one already awarded the Jabuti Prize) should avoid presentations for both adults and children and adolescents (which he rightly prefers in his books) . .

It happens that in the past few decades we have had an explosion of research on the age of the dinosaurs in Brazilian territory with the description of several new species. The book is a photograph of what was mainly discovered between 2010 and today (hence the “new ones”), with agile and simple text aimed at younger audiences. From my point of view it was particularly pleasant to revisit some species that I have seen as “born” in scientific articles in recent years. All animals are well contextualized in terms of relationship, geographical and temporal location.

A quick comment on the images: In recent years, Brazil has also gained a lot in quantity and quality from paleoartists who are responsible for restoring the environment of Earth’s past with scientific knowledge and imagination. Julio Lacerda’s work seemed very interesting to me, something halfway between hyperrealism and the funniest stylization expected from this type of book. Nice thing. It’s worth a visit.


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