What is known about possible vaccines against Covid-19? Listen to the podcast – 11/24/2020 – Podcasts

One of the main issues in this final section of 2020 is the expectation of a vaccine against Covid-19. In the past few months, more than 200 laboratories around the world have tried to develop an immunization formula. Of these surveys, 11 are already in phase 3 – the final phase before approval for public use.

The best-known vaccines in this final phase include those developed by the American pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, those manufactured by the European AstraZeneca and the Chinese Sinovac, and the Russian Sputnik V.

With so much new information about the development of these immunizers, it can be difficult to know what to expect from them. The Tuesday Breakfast (24) organizes everything that is already known about research in a conversation with the editor of Science and Health of Folha, Mariana Versolato.

The audio program is published on Spotify, Folha’s partner streaming service of the initiative, and specializes in music, podcast and video. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the application, simply register for free.

Listen to the episode:

Breakfast is always published at the beginning of the day from Monday to Friday. The episode is presented by journalists Magê Flores and Bruno Boghossian with a production by Jéssica Maes, Laila Mouallem and Victor Lacombe. The sound processing comes from Thomé Granemann.

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