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I get dizzy just thinking about the size of the bibliography that is available today in the Third Reich, since the very short ((thank God!) Nazi Reich is known. There is a book on the subject that makes the difference there, and that’s why it’s grateful to see that a Brazilian historian can make a valuable contribution to such a crowded area.

As the reader must have noticed in the photo above, I am speaking of the recently published “Characters of the Third Reich” by Gaucho Rodrigo Trespach. I wrote a short compliment (unpaid, I hurry to check out!) To the ear of the book, but it is worth repeating here the importance of a concise, clear, and well-written guide to the various figures of the Hitler regime, which in thematic Divided into blocks, this even includes the presence of the Brazilian Nazis.

In view of the topic of this blog, mention should be made of the entries on the resistance against National Socialism, which included some important personalities of the German religious scene, such as the Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, executed in 1945, and the Catholic Archbishop Clemens von Galen, the lion of Münster, author more virulent Criticized the Nazis’ euthanasia program and imprisoned in a concentration camp in 1944.

Congratulations to Trespach for their work and good reading for everyone interested in the book!


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