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As I warned in a recent post, I will continue here with some perspectives on the deaths of 200,000 Brazilians from Covid-19 since March 2020. This time I want to share with the blog reader the very brief but devastating (rightly) testimony of it, Professor Paulo Andrade Lotufo, epidemiologist at the USP. Here it is:

Reinaldo, I have seen more negative influence from the governments that the elections have put pressure on to relax [das restrições à circulação de pessoas] than among the population. The main characteristic of mortality was that it was generalized without a chronological sequence that began in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Deaths have always been among the poorest, blacks and people who have to get around, such as health professionals. I cannot rate the viral variants [que estão surgindo agora] yet quantify whether or not there is a reinfection. All I am claiming is that the proposed herd immunity has been proven wrong and dangerous because it promoted the reduction in social isolation and now against the vaccine.

We see the evidence of the Nine of the risk of making things happen in the name of herd immunity: the disaster that again affects the city of Manaus.


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