US House Speaker Says He Will Vote For Resolution To Suspend Trump Removal From Office – 10/01/2021 – Worldwide

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi told lawmakers on Sunday evening that before continuing with the impeachment process, Democrats will attempt to unanimously approve a resolution calling for the deputy’s appointment. -President Mike Pence. and the government office to remove Donald Trump from the presidency.

The resolution urges Pence to use the 25th Constitutional Amendment, which allows for recall if the president is found unable to perform his or her duties and duties. According to the US CNN, if it is not approved by unanimous consent, which is expected to happen due to resistance from Republican MPs, the measure will go to a vote in the House plenary on Tuesday (12).

The Democrat added that it was only after this procedure that the House would vote on the impeachment. It was the first time the president had unequivocally confirmed that the House would go ahead with the pullout, according to CNN. Until this Sunday, 210 MPs have supported the process, almost the majority of seats.

The president still has ten days in office.

“In protecting our Constitution and our democracy, we will act urgently because this president poses an imminent threat to both. As the days go by, the horror of the continued attack on our democracy perpetuated by this president intensifies, as does the need for action, ”Pelosi said, according to CNN.

The pressure comes after a mass of Trump supporters, inflated by the president, invaded the Capitol last Wednesday (6). The attack, which occurred while Congress was in session to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. election, left at least five people dead.

The U.S. broadcaster also said House Majority Leader Democrat James Clyburn said earlier on Sunday that the House could wait until the first 100 days of Biden’s administration are over to send the impeachment process over to him. Trump in the Senate. .

The goal is for the president-elect to have time to move his agenda forward before Congress begins a long process. “We will do the vote we owe in the House, and Pelosi will determine the best time for that vote, to appoint the directors and bring the process to the Senate,” Clyburn said on a CNN broadcast Sunday.

Pelosi had already defended the activation of the 25th Amendment Thursday (7). “Yesterday [quarta, 6], the US president has instigated an armed uprising against America, “she told a press conference.” [do mandato de Trump] can be a horror show for America. “

Afterwards, the Democrat said that if the amendment was not passed, Congress would be ready to begin an impeachment process against Trump. Despite massive Democratic support, already expected, and even up to two Republican senators, who have spoken publicly in favor of Trump’s departure, the impeachment process is still divided.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska on Friday called for the president’s resignation and suggested she could quit the party she belongs to if the legend remains aligned with him. Republican Senator Pat Toomey spoke on Sunday for the president’s resignation.

Meanwhile, House Republican Party Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Friday that “impeaching a president within 12 days of his term in office will only further divide the country.”

McCarthy also said in a statement posted to social media that he intends to meet with the president-elect to work with the goal of “lowering the temperature and uniting the country to solve challenges Americans “.

If Trump is impeached by the 25th Constitutional Amendment, he receives no additional sanctions beyond the loss of office. If he is placed in receivership, however, in addition to being removed from office, he may be prevented from returning to federal office in the future. However, the process cannot impose penalties such as imprisonment or a fine. It must be judged by the ordinary courts.

During his administration, Trump was the target of an impeachment process, approved by the House, but banned in the Senate, with a Republican majority, in February 2020.

The impeachment process takes a longer time, as it requires several bureaucratic steps, and impeachment only takes place after the president has been found guilty by the Senate, by a two-thirds majority (67 out of 100 senators) . With Republicans holding 50 seats, expulsion down this route would only be possible if many Trump supporters abandoned him.

Because of this delay, Trump’s critics prefer the use of the 25th Amendment, which would take effect immediately. However, it can only be triggered by the Vice President.

To achieve this, the MP and most members of the secretaries’ cabinet (equivalent to ministers) must agree that the president is unable to perform his duties and communicate the decision to Congress. Then the MP takes control of the country.

However, the representative can resume his duties by sending a letter to Congress saying he considers himself fit. The MP and the cabinet can then insist that the president is incapable.

In this case, the president follows suit and Congress will have to decide the matter. To permanently remove the leader, approval is required by a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate.

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