The legal framework for startups will make life easier for companies, says the Minister of Science and Technology – 10/26/2020 – Markt

The legal framework for startups will be very important to facilitate the life of these companies based on technology and innovation, said on Monday (26) Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Marcos Pontes.

The supplementary bill to frame the sector was sent to Congress last week, omitting labor and tax issues.

The process of writing the text took more than three years and began, according to the minister, at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Pontes attended the opening of the digital edition of Futurecom, an event dedicated to technology, telecommunications and digital transformation.

Presenting the ministry’s actions, Pontes said he had promoted and created a support network for the development of new products, new services and new technology-based companies.

“Suppose a startup starts and has a prototype development at a certain pace, but does not have the financial or scientific resources to develop these products further and prepare them for the market. We have this availability as a support network, ”he said.

The minister also said that he had discussed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs a tax strategy for the use of sensors that would enable the further development of the Internet of Things in the country. According to him, any time this structure is activated, there would be a tax collection that would make this technology impossible.

The discussion with the Ministry of Economic Affairs is to set the sensor taxation to zero. “[Para] Differentiate them from taxes levied on devices that involve human intervention such as calculators, cell phones, credit card machines, which are a different department, so to speak. “

Pontes said he broached an agreement in September to develop sensors, graphene batteries, artificial intelligence and devices for remote areas, especially telemedicine.

This discussion would have taken place during a trip to Houston, United States. According to his official agenda, he attended technology projects at Rice, Tezas A&M and Houston Universities.

As Folha showed on Sunday (25), Pontes took advantage of the official commitment to vacation in the USA.

At the opening of Futurecom this Monday, he said the visit to the universities had been postponed but that he had used the trip he had to take to Vienna, Austria, to attend a conference and travel around the US.

“So I used the time I spent in Houston and then took a few days off and then went on to Vienna.”

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