Sony reduces the recommended price for PlayStation 5 after IPI reduction by R $ 300 – 11/03/2020 – Tec

Sony announced on Tuesday (3) that it had lowered the recommended price for its PlayStation 5 console in Brazil. This reflects a government decree lowering the IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) for video games last week.

The company announced that the two versions of the console will drop the recommended price by R $ 300. The model with disc player is now R $ 4,699, while the digital version is R $ 4,199.

The video game’s DualSense controls also reduced the recommended value of R $ 469 from R $ 499 previously. The PlayStation 5 camera costs R $ 419, from R $ 449.

“The proposed price cut will take effect immediately and will also apply to those who have already pre-ordered,” Sony said in a statement.

Last Thursday (29), President Jair Bolsonaro issued a decree for the second time in his mandate lowering the IPI for consoles, accessories and video games.

The PlayStation 5 will be released in Brazil on November 19th, one week after its launch in the US.

Last week, Microsoft also lowered the recommended price for the next generation of consoles. The Xbox Series X retails for R $ 4,599, starting at R $ 4,999 before the IPI reduction, while the S Series model with lower processing capacity was R $ 2,799, up from R $ 2,999 before. The consoles will be launched in Brazil on November 10th

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