Procon-SP notifies Apple of the sale of a new iPhone without a charger – 10/29/2020 – Market

Procon-SP asked Apple on Thursday (29) to explain why the new iPhone 12 series does not offer chargers to customers included in the device.

In the notification, the company asks the company about the reasons behind its decision and the cost of each device to customers.

Procon-SP also asks what alternative Apple will offer the consumer for charging the new device and how long the charging process is likely to take. Additionally, the notification asks how the warranty works because the items are purchased separately.

According to Procon-SP, the company has 72 hours to respond to the respondents, counting from Tuesday (27).

This month, Apple announced the launch of the new iPhone 12 line, which includes four devices: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

For the first time, chargers and headphones are not included with the devices. The company claims it’s supposed to help protect the environment – there are more than 2 billion branded adapters worldwide, according to Apple.

Apple declined to comment on the case.

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