Planner launches smart funds tailored to our boards

We like our work to have a personal touch. Give it our style or trademark or just differentiate it. That’s why we love customization options like the one Planner just got. The well-known service is launching new smart backgrounds for Planner boards. The company announced that the feature is currently being rolled out to all Planner web experience users, allowing users to add custom background images to their plans.

Personalize the planner with smart backgrounds for your boards

“Smart backgrounds work with the same designer functionality that suggests creatively designed templates in PowerPoint. The layout works in the background, trying to match the shot title with relevant and unique high quality background images, such as a cafe scene for your Coffee Store shot, a backdrop commercial background for your online marketing plan or a city skyline for your town hall meeting plan, ”the company explained.

To test smart funds, click on the ellipsis menu (…) and go to “Plan settings”. In the planner settings, we select the General tab and choose one of the funds available from the list of recommendations. Users are currently unable to upload their own images, but we hope the company will add this feature soon. But for now, we already have more customization.

In addition, the company also introduced a new configuration user interface for Microsoft Planner. The revamped Settings menu is now split into three different groups, including General, Group, and Notifications. This change is intended to make it easier for users to navigate between options. Very interesting the improvements made to Planner. A service that usually has few updates but is still very relevant.

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