Over 90 arrested after invasion of US Congress – 09/01/2021 – Worldwide

Three days after the invasion of the United States Congress, more than 90 people have already been arrested, according to the Associated Press news agency. Among them, two protagonists of images that went viral after the action.

One of them drew attention because he wore a fur hat with horns, a painted face and a spear with the American flag. Jacob Anthony Chansley reported to the police, according to the US Department of Justice.

Also known as Jake Angeli, he called the Washington FBI office Thursday (7) and voluntarily spoke with agents.

Chansley said he was part of a group effort, along with other Arizona State ‘Patriots’, at the President’s request, to have all ‘Patriots’ come to Washington. [Distrito de Columbia, onde fica a capital americana] January 6, 2021 ”, explains the Ministry of Justice in a press release.

Prior to his arrest, Chansley bragged about the invasion, which left at least five people dead and forced members of Congress to flee the scene, according to the US broadcaster NBC.

“I consider it a victory that we have a group of traitors in power, crouching down, putting on gas masks and retreating to their underground bunker,” he told NBC News.

According to the American press, he has often been seen in acts of support for President Donald Trump. Reuters news agency was unable to contact the thug’s family.

Another arrested by federal agents was Adam Christian Johnson, pictured smiling as he carried the chair of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He had broadcast live on Facebook while walking the aisles of the Capitol, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The video has been removed from the platform and all of its pages have been removed. According to the Miami Herald, on social media, Johnson bragged about being ahead of the protests.

Chansley faces several charges at the federal level, including a violent entry and disorderly conduct in the Capitol area. Jonhson, who will hold his first hearing in federal court on Monday, is indicted in a court outside Washington. It was not clear if the man who invaded Congress in a suit was still being held this Saturday (9), and if he and Johnson had legal representation.

There have also been arrests of a man linked to threats against lawmakers and a leader of the far-right group Proud Boys. The first, Cleveland Meredith, told the FBI he didn’t arrive in Washington until Thursday, after being late on the road in Ohio, Federal Court documents show.

Officers found a rifle, pistol and hundreds of ammunition in their possession.

He was arrested after threatening Pelosi, according to a Jan. 7 text message read by an FBI agent, in which Meredith spoke of “shooting him in the head on live television” and crushing the mayor with his truck, according to the criminal complaint.

Self-proclaimed leader of the Proud Boys in Hawaii, Nicholas Ochs, who narrowly did not hold a seat in the State House of Representatives, was arrested on his return to Honolulu on charges of illegally entering buildings or premises. restricted areas, federal prosecutors said in a statement. .

At least 13 people face criminal charges in District Court of Columbia for being linked to the invasion, and at least 40 others face less serious charges in the local Supreme Court.

Many of them were detained Thursday and released, with a court order not to return to Washington, except to attend hearings or meetings with lawyers.

Among the defendants are Richard Barnett of Arkansas, pictured at the table by Nancy Pelosi, and West Virginia state congressman Derrick Evans, who resigned on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the FBI has asked the public for help to help identify participants in the act, due to the profusion of images on the internet. Democratic Senator Mark Warner on Saturday urged mobile operators to retain content and data associated with the invasion.

The FBI and the Washington Police Department are conducting a joint investigation into the death of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick.

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