OneDrive will now allow files up to 250 GB

The Internet is changing and so is the way we work with it. A few days ago we were talking about Adobe Flash and connection speeds. At that time, megabytes seemed colossal to us and gigantic inaccessible. But times are changing and OneDrive is adapting to the changes. Now, it will download files up to 250 GB.

OneDrive increases file limit from 100 to 250 GB

With OneDrive, we have storage for our personal and work files. Also, with Microsoft 365, we get 1TB of storage. A more than decent amount for the storage of our photos and documents.

Go to a concert or go home. You wanted support for larger files. We were listening. Support for downloading 250 GB files is coming to # Microsoft365.

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– OneDrive (@onedrive) January 12, 2021

But for many people, the limit of 100 GB per file was not enough. That’s why the OneDrive team now lets you upload files up to 250GB. Ideal for people who have contracted more storage than a basic 1TB and designed for people who work with large files.

For example, content creators such as photographers will be able to send files in a single compressed folder, even if the photos are over 100 GB. A great addition for more professional OneDrive users who will see the limitations disappear.

OneDrive has improved in recent months not just on the web but across different platforms. In some cases, like iOS, to catch up with Live Photos. In other cases, for the web interface to improve. Either way, OneDrive has become an indispensable service for working with our photos and files.

The Redmond giant is clear that Office and its associated services are a key part of its strategy. In fact, every day we see how it is integrated into more systems and with more partners. An unequivocal sign of Microsoft’s interest in improving its services beyond its operating system and even any system such as the web theme.

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