General Motors wants to reach the sky with flying car design – 13/01/2021 – Tec

General Motors took part in the flying car race this Tuesday (12) and presented its autonomous air taxi project at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2021.

The American automobile giant disclosed few details and only published a video of the Cadillac-branded electric take-off and vertical landing aircraft (eVTOL) on its digital display page.

Several aviation companies and startups have shown similar flying cars in the past few years, though there are no obvious plans for immediate commercialization.

“How can you have a more comfortable and luxurious trip?” Asks the GM narrator. “Occupy the Sky”.

A single-seat aircraft was presented that can drive autonomously from ceiling to ceiling at speeds of up to 90 km / h and is driven by eight rotors with “state-of-the-art battery technology”.

“VTOL is key to GM’s vision for a multimodal future,” said the spokesman for a simulation of the aircraft in flight.

The news coincided with the launch of a new GM brand for electric vehicles, BrightDrop, and other announcements by the company about its plans to promote electric vehicles.

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