F5 – Nerdices – ‘World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ postponed to November

Sao Paulo

Blizzard Entertainment announced on Thursday (29) that the release of “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands” has been postponed. Previously, the company had planned the game’s debut for late October, now the presentation was for November 23 at 7:00 p.m. (Brazilian time).

According to a company statement, the delay came because it was necessary “to fine-tune and improve based on feedback from the ongoing beta to ensure that players’ journey to Azeroth’s death is an epic experience upon launch.”

“Shadowlands” is the eighth expansion of the online role-playing game. In it the players are led into a realm of the infinite afterlife, “where mortal souls find a new purpose – or suffer eternal torments, which are at the mercy of the prison guard in his tower of the damned”.

“As players explore this supernatural frontier, they will discover the fate of the Warcraft legends, connect with one of the four alliances that rule the various areas of the Dark Lands, and ultimately face a threat shrouded in darkness and plans has to destroy the cosmos. ” “says the company.

Blizzard also took the opportunity to announce additional releases related to the franchise. A pre-expansion event will take place on November 10th, while the Series 1 launch of the expansion will take place on December 8th with Nathria Castle.

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