F5 – Nerdices – Mauricio de Sousa celebrates 60 years of Cebolinha: “Proud of the son I raised”

Sao Paulo

Today is a party day in the Limoeiro district, because it is the 60th anniversary of Cebolinha, a figure from Turma da Mônica, who was founded in 1960 and is still one of the most popular spectators to this day. Whether he speaks “Elado”, swaps the “R” for the “L” or imagines an infallible plan to uproot Mônica’s rabbit, he has in the stories of Mauricio de Sousa (84), who was a reporter in the 1950s , Folha already done good things until he leaves this job to devote himself entirely to cartoonism.

“This mark represents that one of my children has reached the prime of life,” jokes Sousa in an interview with F5. “Logically, they are like my children and the image I give each one makes me calm and content. Nowhere in the world does a character maintain poise, sympathy and strength. I am proud of the son I raised.” says the cartoonist, who plans to throw a party for its 400 employees in March 2021 to celebrate the date.

The story of how Cebolinha came about is very strange. According to Sousa, the little boy with the spiky hair was inspired by a real person, a friend who played ball with his brother in a field in the town of Mogi das Cruzes, Greater São Paulo. Onion was his nickname because of the different hairstyle he was wearing at the time.

And believe me if you want: the young man also spoke “elado”. He was the perfect figure that Mauricio de Sousa needed to create Cebolinha years later with its distinctive features that were never lost.

“He lives and lives in Mogi. He must be around 70 years old and enjoy a certain fame in the city. Years ago when he was working as a foreman, people were fighting for his service, after all, everyone wanted to hire Cebolinha. I can imagine that he’s grateful to me, but I’m also grateful to him, “says Sousa, who occasionally visits Cebola.

Cebolinha was one of the first characters created by Sousa. In the 1960s, he was the only one who wore shoes. Since Sousa didn’t have many characters early in his career, he was able to spend more hours describing his facial features. But when more newspapers asked about the strips, the cartoonist expanded his selection of stickers and ran out of time to design shoes.

“His first strip, already with Mônica, I remember it to this day. He passed the sidewalk guide and found his friend sitting on his way. He said: ‘Get out of the way,’ Golducha ‘, I want to pass’. Mônica stood and he stuffed it with rabbits. Then Cebolinha complained, “Gosh, women throw men off balance,” he recalls.

And as for Mônica, her arrival in the stories in 1963 caused Cebolinha to change his behavioral traits. In the early 1960s, it was he who stole the show. However, after creating the character inspired by Sousa’s daughter, Cebolinha ran after the loss.

“This brave, brave and wanton girl began to stand out more than he was. She was more remarkable. So much so that Turma do Cebolinha became Turma da Mônica. And in the stripes that I depict, he changed his behavior and wanted to restore his behavior Space and take what belongs to Mônica. But I turn this into a nice conflict that both make up in the end, “he says.


In 2021, Cebolinha will be shown again both in the cinemas and in the entire company. The second version of Turma da Mônica’s film “Lições”, which is due to be released in December, is not due to premiere until next year. In it the characters will be in school. “Education is very important and representative. Turma da Mônica has taught many people to literacy, and this is a medal that I carry in my chest,” says Mauricio de Sousa.

In his opinion, Cebolinha is one of the most popular figures in public because of its identification with people. And that’s why he still receives messages from people who want to read stories about the famous infallible plot that the little boy always tries against his girlfriend Monica. “Cebolinha inspires affection because of his weak side. He always wants something and never gets it. People to this day want to see his famous infallible plan to work.”

The cartoonist says there are no plans to fulfill the wish of comic book fans. “I will not give spoilers, who knows, maybe one day he can?” He also mentions that the public always asks why he always fails in the stories. “What about people who ask me, ‘He’s so cute, but why is he suffering so much?’ They are always loving observations.”

If Cebolinha is successful in Brazil, it also has its support abroad. In 2007, a vinyl doll of the character was shown in part of the Australian film “Black Water”, in which travelers are attacked by a crocodile. “I was never a fortune teller or a futurologist, I never thought that this success would last so long and that Cebolinha would end up in another country. But I planned it and went after him,” says Sousa.


Arriving at the age of 60 will be a special celebration for Cebolinha – who has actually been seven years old for six decades. Mauricio de Sousa Produções and Panini are releasing a commemorative hardcover magazine with stories about the character on November 1st.

The comic book with the title “Owner of the Moon” (it should actually be street, but he changes the texts as usual), which can already be pre-ordered on the Amazon website for R $ 49.90, shows other adventures of Cebolinha. According to Sousa, it is compiled with the best and most classic plots over these 60 years.

However, the author explains that many jokes and jokes from six decades ago could be viewed differently today. Because of this, every politically incorrect story is edited or cut. “We see with more demanding and more cautious eyes. We want to avoid embarrassment. In the past, some situations were acceptable, not today.”

Among the situations that have been cut are some where Mônica meets Cebolinha and he appears on the floor with a black eye and no teeth. “It would be an old phrase, a situation with more aggressiveness. Some children even wrote to me to point out that they don’t all like to hurt Cebolinha. I have softened everything. In recent years, Monica has only run after him but doesn’t score “says the cartoonist.

And the news doesn’t stop there. Last Wednesday (21) the YouTube channel Turma da Mônica launched a series of short films with over 4.5 billion views, the main character of which is Cebolinha. It’s a ten-episode compilation aimed at an even younger audience, offering adventures of the character and his class.

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