F5 – Nerdices – German sisters invent the board game Coronavirus and are successful at Christmas


Lost during their first imprisonment in Germany, the four Schwaderlapp sisters decided to make good use of their long hours at home – they invented a board game based on the coronavirus, which they sell by the thousands.

“Corona” can be played by up to four players fighting to buy all the groceries on a shopping list for an elderly neighbor who is protecting himself from the virus.

Players collect and exchange the playing cards, and the winner is the one who delivers all of the items first. Obstacles along the way include finding the virus that is quarantining it or realizing that the accumulators have already picked up any pasta or toilet roll.

“The basic principle is solidarity,” said 20-year-old Sarah to Reuters TV from her home in Wiesbaden. “But each of the players can choose to work with the others or to make things difficult for them and block their path with viruses.”

The sisters worked on the game almost every night during the spring, gradually adding more elements to the news about the pandemic.

Father Benedikt Schwaderlapp was impressed by the daughters’ efforts and decided to market the game by hiring an artist to design the cards, board and box. So far, he has sold 2,000 copies and signed with a toy store as a secondary distributor. “The demand all over Germany was enormous,” he said.


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