According to Mourão, Brazil will pay more if Huawei does not participate in the 5G auction – 12/07/2020 – market

Vice President Hamilton Mourão stated on Monday (7) that Brazil will pay more if Chinese company Huawei does not provide devices in the transition to 5G technology.

In a presentation at the São Paulo Trade Association, the General Reserve emphasized that today 40% of the country’s infrastructure for 3G and 4G comes from the Chinese company’s technology.

“If you happened to say, ‘Huawei can’t deliver equipment’, it will cost a lot more. It’s us, consumers. I see it that way,” he said.

Mourão also emphasized that the thesis that a multinational company could participate in the 5G auction has gained strength in the federal government, provided it respects three principles: national sovereignty, data protection and cost-effectiveness in the installation.

Last week, the technical division of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) finalized the proposal with the rules of 5G auction notification without restrictions for Huawei.

The United States has pushed for the Chinese company to be excluded from the process, a movement supported by the ideological core of the Planalto Palace.

Telecommunications companies have already expressed their support for Huawei’s participation. The companies warned of possible compensation for this equipment change process if the federal government insists on banning the Chinese.

General Augusto Heleno, Minister of the GSI (Institutional Security Office), and Federal Chancellor Ernesto Araújo are the main proponents of the ban on Huawei due to its orientation towards the Donald Trump administration. The United States is going through a trade war with China.

In the lecture, Mourão also assessed that the rise of a new government in the United States next year should not end economic competition with China.

“Even with a new administration in the United States, the election of Joe Biden won’t change that dispute. It will go on. It may not be as rhetorical as Donald Trump’s, but the dispute will go on,” he said.

The reserve general also stressed that he did not envisage the possibility that China would one day reproduce the political model of Western democracies because their historical backgrounds are different.

“Under no circumstances do I see China as a western democracy. This type of government is not in the nature of these people. It is a huge nation with problems in its territory and on its borders,” he said.

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