Donald Trump pays tribute to him in the New Year’s speech:

Lasts more than four minutes in a speech Posted on Twitter Thursday night on Norwegian time, the President of the United States is proud of himself, his government and the United States for having praised the world for the rapid development of the Govt-19 vaccine.

– To defeat the “Chinese virus”, we launched the biggest mobilization since World War II. We have rebuilt factories to make tens of thousands of respirators and millions of masks, the president said in his speech.

– Excluded

A year after the world’s first news on the virus, Trump is particularly pleased with his success in making a vaccine.

– We have been told several times that it is not possible to develop a vaccine by the end of the year. All the experts said it was questionable. Trump has exaggerated that it is not possible. But even before the year was out, Trump was boasting.

The American company Pfizer developed the first approved vaccine in collaboration with German Biotech, and many Norwegians have been vaccinated.

Receive vaccine credit

Trump believes his government and “Operation Speed ​​Warp” laid the foundation for success. “Operation Warp Speed” is a public-private partnership that has invested billions of dollars in the development, production and distribution of the vaccine.

However, Pfizer said not to make any money from here.

– It usually takes up to ten years to develop a vaccine. Thanks to “Operation Warp Speed”, we developed a vaccine in nine months. We have already started a vaccination program across the country and we are sending the vaccine around the world. The world benefits a lot, says Trump, and everyone invites me to say thank you.

Under his leadership, the President has no doubt that the United States has already earned credit for ending the epidemic.

– It is one of the most exciting, scientific, industrial and medical miracles in history. This is what everyone is saying. People should never forget where he came from and how he was born.

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