Tomorrow, Portugal will accept the presidency of the European Union

On Friday, Portugal will accept the presidency of the European Union (EU) and take turns changing Germany.

At the head of the presidency, the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa welcomed the video speech of Berlin in front of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, confirming “the collective acquisitions and the simultaneous vaccination of all the member states” and “a strong response from the EU to the economic and social consequences of the epidemic ”.

“This proves that the EU is close to its citizens, responds to their concerns and meets their expectations,” added Costa.

“It is an honor and a great responsibility for Portugal to take this tradition out of its hands and continue its work,” said Costa.

He stressed that there are three priorities for the Portuguese Presidency.

First, the transition to a green and digital economy is an “economic and social recovery” that brings economic growth and jobs.

Secondly, it lays a solid basis for the conviction that “the development of the social pillar of the EU will ensure that this double transition is an opportunity for all and that no one will back down”.

Third, said Costa, “Portugal is committed to strengthening the strategic autonomy of the EU, which is open to the world”.

This is why Portugal has chosen the objective of its presidency: “It is time to work for a fair, green and digital recovery”.

The Portuguese presidency will last six months until July, when it will be replaced by Slovenia, in turn.

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