The path to the Brexit deal is free from January 1

The path to the Brexit trade deal negotiated with the workers is clear and the plan could go into effect earlier this year as planned – but only for now, with final approval from the European Parliament.

The British House of Commons voted on Wednesday in favor of a Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union. The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly (521 to 73 votes) in favor of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval bill.

EU leaders signed the Brexit trade deal a few hours ago. After European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel signed the document, it was taken to London in a British Air Force plane and presented to Prime Minister Johnson.

The approximately 1,250-page Trade and Partnership Agreement governs economic relations after the end of the transition phase on January 1, 2021. This excludes fees and keeps attrition losses in trade as low as possible. It controls a number of issues, including fisheries and energy, transport, justice and police cooperation.

EU’s ‘best friend’

Johnson told the House of Commons that his country would be a “neighbor friend of the EU, best friend and ally”. London and Brussels “will work side by side whenever our values ​​and interests coexist”. Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer called the deal “weak” and “flawed”. However, it is better than a deal, which can lead to price hikes and push companies to the limit of the reserve.

Particularly harsh criticism has come from Scotland: Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon brought about the “lazy Brexit that rejected all of Scotland” before the Edinburgh regional parliament. British Foreign Secretary Michael Cove accused Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) of maintaining its “shortsighted” nationalism above the country’s national interest.

The port chief of Kallis is calm about the end of the Brexit transitional phase earlier this year. “We are ready,” Jean-Marc Puigesso said yesterday in the English Channel between Dover and the French city of Calais, given the movement of goods on the important ferry link.

It is important that companies publish their customs notices. So there are no delays and the traffic works almost as usual. Those who do not complete the notice will be directed to a special parking lot – where there will be additional restrictions.

Meanwhile, Spain and Britain are negotiating a Brexit solution for Gibraltar. British foreign territory is not part of the Brexit trade deal; Madrid and London are in bilateral negotiations – no decision yet.

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