Will you have to exchange or return Christmas gifts? You don’t need to run this year

After Christmas, exchanges. From this Saturday, December 26, many consumers wish to exchange the gifts they have received and that they did not like. But beware: there are rules.

When the item is free from defects, if the sale was not made over the Internet, the trader is not obliged to exchange it after the sale, explains the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (Deco Proteste).

The consumer must first confirm whether the establishment accepts exchanges or returns, recommends Deco Proteste. If so, you need to know the deadline (usually shown on the invoice) to do so. Usually the return or exchange time is 15 or 30 days, but in this pandemic case the rules have been changed.

In the context of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has launched the “ Christmas 2020 – Buy taking care of all ” initiative, promoted to respond to the usual increase in purchases during the Christmas season and to the special influx of stores to be exchanged from December 25, aiming, in addition to the possibility of exchanges taking place until January 31, to raise awareness: consumers, so that they plan and make their purchases at the advanced.

The initiative was open to all traders and traders. look here who joined.

However, the invoice or the purchase receipt is essential to effect the exchange or return, as well as to keep the product in its original packaging. And each time you buy a gift, you must guarantee the eventual exchange, via an offer form issued by the store.

If the product is defective, the warranty law applies. It is possible to exchange, repair, replace, refund or reduce the price for two years.

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