Where is Santa Claus? This tracker shows your trip around the world

o The international spread of the corona virus will not stop the Santa Claus section. Bring gifts for everyone. o World Health Organization (WHO) He had already declared himself immunocompromised and vaccinated by renowned epidemiologist Anthony Fossi Casa Branca, who is celebrating his birthday today.

As he travels with his nine reindeer around the world on Christmas Eve, the North American Space Defense Command (NORAT) watches over Santa Claus, who follows health recommendations and wears masks.

Norad is a joint venture between Canada and the United States that provides security and air traffic control throughout North America and continues to give gifts on this day.

“On December 24 … we have a special mission to find and take away Santa Claus,” Major-General Eric Kenny, Canadian regional commander-in-chief, said in a statement.

“Using powerful radar and satellite systems … the North can be seen better than ever before and allows Santa to be tracked more accurately, allowing him to travel safely through northern airspace. American.

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Families can follow the trip on the Norad website and call to find out where it is, however, with a small number of volunteers responding to calls, this time to reduce the risk of the novel corona virus spreading, according to a report. . .

People can call 1-877-Hi-Norad today, try talking to a volunteer, or request a recording of Santa’s location.

The Christmas tradition began with a false and innocent connection. In December 1955, when Colonel Harry Schup answered the phone in his office, NBC recalled that Norat’s predecessor had worked on his mission at an establishment.

After a short delay, a boy asked the store if he was a big man. At first, the store thought someone in their office was playing slander, but decided to play when the girl repeated the question.

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This is how children all over the world traditionally call Norad and ask where Santa Claus is.

Norad Commanding General Glenn Vonherk told Kerry Sanders last Thursday that despite the changes, the epidemic will not stop Santa from spreading the Christmas spirit.

Here you can follow the path of Santa Claus


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