Man kills his ex-partner, judge in Rio de Janeiro

Judge Vivian Vieira do Amaral Aronenci, 45, has been charged with the murder of a woman at the hands of Paolo José Aronenci.

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10:30 am / 12/25/2020

Official sources confirmed, Friday, December 25, that a judge in a court in Rio de Janeiro was stabbed to death in front of her ex-husband and their three daughters on Christmas Day in the capital, Rio de Janeiro.

Judge Vivian Vieira do Amaral Aronenci, 45, has been charged with the murder of a woman at the hands of her ex-partner Palo José Aronenci, who stabbed her in front of her three daughters in Barra da Tijuca. Rio, in a statement, informed the police.

The person was immediately arrested on the spot and is under arrest.

The massacre, images of which circulated widely on social networks, sparked controversy in Brazil.

According to authorities, the suspect had already been convicted on other occasions of sexual assault, and a summons from the police had been provided by the judge, but subsequently served.

Cowardly murder

In a note, the Rio de Janeiro state judge expressed his deep sadness at the judge’s death.

In turn, the Association of Magistrates of Rio de Janeiro (Amarj) and the Association of Magistrates of Brazil (AMP) expressed “deep regret” for the “cowardly murder” and promised that the crime would not go unpunished. . .

“It just came to our attention then. Feminicide is strongly rejected by Brazilian society. Brazil must move forward. What happened this Thursday in Barra da Tijuca is totally unacceptable ”, declared Felipe Convells, president of the association.

“Feminism is the quintessence of a society still marked by sexual violence. We must fight this evil ”, concluded Renata Gill, President of AMB.

In 2019, 1,326 women were murdered in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook 2020, which the Brazilian Public Security Council has been preparing for 14 years.

In the first six months of 2020 alone, the South American company registered 648 female antibiotics, despite a ban between March and June to curb the spread of the corona virus in the country.

Likewise, among deaths classified as intentional homicide but not considered homicide, the number of murdered women was 1,861 between January and June, compared to 1,834 during the same period last year.

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