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After Christmas hours, it is hard to imagine that in some countries of the world this holiday cannot be celebrated by the rules or by the religion they teach. Although it is one of the most globalized celebrations, there are some places where it is forbidden to place decorations on the street or at home.

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Here they say what, why or what kind of religion forbids the celebration of Christmas.

Saudi Arabia:

Located in Western Asia, this country is one of the Muslim Christmas countries. Most of its inhabitants adhere to the Islamic religion. Celebrate this holiday, which is considered an outrageous act.

Even those who make some sort of Christmas holiday act They can be prosecuted and detained by the authorities.

Saudi Arabia has issued an annual regulation banning “visible signs” of the Christmas celebration. Neither Muslims nor spectators can celebrate. The Christian minority who wish to do so must celebrate in private and not speak in public.

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It is a country in North Africa. 98% of its population also follow the religion of Islam, so it does not celebrate Christmas. In this country, it is not a banned party compared to Saudi Arabia, but the authorities do not do much publicity. Christmas.


The Islamic Republic of Iran is a state in the Middle East and West Asia. In this country, they also claim the religion of Islam. However, there are areas that, despite the rarity, can celebrate Christmas.

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Located in Central Asia, the country gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, 98% of its population is Muslim. According to the newspaper “El Claren”, he was one of the last to adhere to the ban on Christmas traditions.

Christmas trees, gifts and Santa’s costumes are strictly prohibited.


The Asian country, like Saudi Arabia, celebrates part of its population on Christmas, but you can’t do that in public.

This small country follows the Muslim calendar, which is why its annual holidays usually correspond to Islamic holidays.

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North Korea

In November 2016, Kim Jong-un decided to censor meetings related to alcohol and music or entertainment. This action was not taken against Christmas, but the Christian holiday was banned.

For the Christmas date, people can celebrate grandma’s birthday in public Kim Jong Un.


Somalia is known in East Africa as the “Horn of Africa”. The Somali government has banned the Christmas holidays “Muslim morality” and “they have nothing to do with Islam”.


The Asian company is one of the most changed with globalization. Christmas is still not considered a public holiday in this country, but it is more and more accepted, in the decoration of the house or in the business. For many of them, it’s a way to greet the Western New Year.


This Middle Eastern country is considered the birthplace of Christianity around the world. People who want to go to “sacred places” like Bethlehem, Nazareth or Jerusalem usually go at Christmas. Despite this, they are not properly celebrated in Natal Israel.

Life in this country revolves around the Hebrew calendar. The religions practiced in this country are Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the former being the most practiced in the whole country.

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