Trump’s White House enters final phase: complete dissolution

The final days of Trump’s presidency are similar to those of the fictional Monsters vs. Aliens film presidency.

If you miss this 2009 animated masterpiece, President Hathaway (voiced by Stephen Colbert) will respond with a group of heroes who are unlikely to invade the alien, including top Modesto TV reporter, the cockroach turned mad scientist and giant insect Jell-Ow.

One of the current scams is with the president installed two red buttons in his state room. One was his laddu leg, the other his fully nuclear weapon. He never remembers what it was.

In the last month of Donald Trump’s stay in the Oval Office, he finally assembled his own team of Paradoxes and kicked out noses, self-aggravating nuts and brainless gelatinous tumors. You can decide for yourself which is your last incarnation. “Elite strike force consultants are more likely to launch all nukes or brew new cups of coffee.

At the center of the team to save the planet Trump are steadfast figures Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn, who are said to have met the former president in the White House on Friday for several hours.

Powell and Flynn have already become presidents of the reality TV star – after all, he created a public figure around filming people in The Apprentice. But for Planet Trump, they’re not as final as they seem, which certainly means it’s not too late for Mooch to extend his 10-day service to the country.

Powell was fired from the elite attorney attack force a month ago over foreign claims that Joe Biden won the presidential election with the backing of mysterious “communist money” and the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez.

But it was in November. Now, the New York Times first reported, Powell’s foreign claims are the basis of Trump’s desire to be appointed special adviser on the Venezuelan plot investigation.

Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr said on Monday he had found reporters did not need to mention the name of a special adviser to investigate the election or Biden’s son Hunter.

But that was one thing before Powell dismembered Savismo’s body again. In particular, a few days: Bar leaves his office on Wednesday, mysteriously a few weeks before everyone else’s The Trump administration.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s senior national security adviser, is exceptionally honored to have been sacked by Obama and Trump during Friday’s action – a rare deal between US President Yin and Yang. Flynn lied to Mike Pence and the FBI about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador, and Mulller pleaded guilty to the investigation.

Recently sorry For the person who fired him, Flynn is now backing Trump Call Martial Law to proceed with his re-election. This is usually the key to executing a Savista conspiracy, but apparently now he’s the victim of a Savista conspiracy.

One of the leaders of this mad gang, Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, left the online retailer last year. Claiming the right He fell in love with a Russian agent in the name of “Men in Black”. Good luck figuring this out, or Byrne’s last attempt: he calls it “a bunch of hackers and others with a cyberlot and strange abilities.” It’s Trump’s favorite news channel, OAN Games An “Elite Cyber ​​Security Team.”

It is possible that “elite” refers to something else on the planet Trump. It is also possible that Modesto has a large number of TV reporters.

It’s the stupid, self-destructive house that Trump built

Byrne, who tweeted He was part of a long White House session with Flynn and Powell, saying Trump was being cheated by his own advisers and could still win the election he lost to his friend .

“It’s 100% winnable. No martial law is necessary, ”he said. “Sydney [sic] And Flynn presented a study plan, I estimate a 50% to 75% chance of success. His team tries to persuade him to do nothing but agree. As CEO, I was heartbroken to see what he was doing. He is betrayed inside. “

As our brave reality TV star struggled with her own unfaithful flaws, it was heartbreaking to sit in the bunker and watch the case and get into the constitutional conversation.

Unfortunately, the disease is not confined to the Oval Office and is more prevalent than its current resident. Upon his return to Earth, Trump is unlikely to order the military to intervene in the election, and Congress is unlikely to overthrow the Electoral College. But these disturbing facts will not stop the Trump movement, which is now Republican.

Consider Clay Higgins, the duly elected representative of Louisiana’s third district. Higgins, a close-to-reality reserve police officer, filmed his name on Foreign Crime Stoppers video reports that his own sheriff told him to stop.

“If Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States on January 20, it will be the last hour of the plot to overturn the American electoral process and the first hour of the plot to overthrow the United States,” Higgins said. Domigo tweeted.

Ordinary presidents treat their final weeks like a marshmallow presidential test. Although they want to know everything that was elected president, they delay the happiness in memory.

We can expect them to reconsider their place in post-presidential work or at least in post-presidential history. But they maintain a decent silence to buy a little more dignity after leaving the post.

This is clearly not Trump’s plan. There are no post-presidential missions or historic reassessments. There are just more threats and scandalous tweets to cover a brief political career brimming with threats and scandalous tweets.

This is the stupid, self-destructive house that Trump built.

“What idiot designed this?” President Hathaway asks his advisers about the double red buttons in Monsters vs. Aliens.

“Yes, sir,” said a general.

“OK. Then go shoot somebody,” the president shoots again.

Soon no one will let you shoot. Or rearrangement. There will be a Donald Trump, surrounded by a room full of wandering principles that have no staff to pretend to take them seriously.

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