Sudan says US Congress is making progress on ending Baria status

The congressional hearing on this matter was exactly where President Donald Trump’s administration was attempting to remove Sudan from the list of supporters of American terrorism.

Sudan reduced its sovereignty in the 1990s, when it briefly hosted al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and other desirable militants. Sudan is said to have operated through a pipeline to Iran to supply arms to Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Sudan cites Sudan as part of the US government’s efforts to normalize relations with Israel. Sudan has become the third Arab country to normalize its relations with Israel in the past four months, after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. After a while, Morocco continued.

The law allows Sudan to release US $ 335 million to US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania to help victims of the 1998 attacks.

Edith L., spokesperson for the families of Americans killed in the bombing of the United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. Bartley said: “This is an important turning point in world history and in American foreign affairs. “Sudan is letting go of its past, changing governments and taking steps to become a powerful ally of democracy and the United States will make our world a safer place.”

The Sudanese Ministry of Justice said in a statement that Congress has pledged to pay US $ 150 million to African victims of the embassy bombing, then become US citizens and settle outstanding claims against Sudan. . This money will be paid by the US government.

The US military says a car bomb exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center in Kisak, western Yemen. A shooting in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in 2008, the State Department announced in October.

The abolition of the terrorist stance opens the door for Sudan’s weak interim government to receive international loans and assistance to revive its shattered economy and make the transition to democracy in the country.

The Justice Ministry said in a statement that Sudan would receive $ 1.1 billion in direct and indirect aid from the United States, in addition to a $ 1 billion bridging loan to the World Bank, for help Sudan to balance the balance. with the agency.

Earlier this month, Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin said he would work with Congress and the interim government in Khartoum to improve Sudan’s efforts to achieve debt relief by 2021.

Sudan has an external debt of over $ 60 billion, and debt relief and access to external debt is widely seen as the gateway to economic recovery.

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