Lawyer for conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell found in White House

Sidney Powell, lawyer and conspiracy theorist, returned to the White House on Sunday evening. The President of the United States is said to have consistently lost elections in a plan to seize the ballot box from Donald Trump.

Trump Refuses to Admit Despite Joe Biden’s defeat and Biden’s constituency victory, Democrats continue to make unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud, with more than 7 million votes cast.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that he would encourage Republicans to consider the challenges of the college election results when they travel to Congress on January 6. Such moves fail to overturn the decision, but instead represent Republican political appeals, with many senators supporting White House aspirations.

The president’s advisers speak anonymously, however, with reporters saying they implied that Jan. 20, the day of the inauguration, was approaching Trump’s behavior.

Powell has been kicked out of the Trump campaign team after exposing savage conspiracy theories, but continues to advance the president’s cause. CNN Sunday night, he refused to meet with the president, saying “why is he in business?”

But he was one of those who attended Friday’s White House meeting Trump offered to appoint a special adviser to investigate electoral fraud, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who’s apologized, joked that the military could be used. to repeat the vote in war-torn states.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is said to have instigated special advisers and martial law plans, but when asked about the seizure of the electronic ballot boxes all ideas were echoed by team leader Mark Meadows and White House adviser Pat Cipolon.

Speaks The Wall Street Newspaper, a White House adviser, said Trump’s current strategy to maintain power: “Let’s throw a big plate of greetings on the wall, hoping there is at least a noodle.”

Maggie Heberman, one of the New York Times reporters who broke the news of Friday’s meeting tweeted: “Evidence accustomed to Trump’s four-year explosion fears the changes seen last week.”

Heberman Said Powell has returned to the White House to issue an “administrative order to confiscate the ballot boxes from a person known to the crowd.”

On Monday, outgoing Attorney General William Barr told reporters that while he “firmly believes there is fraud in this election,” it is not “formally or broadly” and will not appoint a special adviser to investigate these allegations. “Now there is no basis for understanding the machines,” Barr said.

“If I think a special consultation right now is the right tool,” he said, “I’ll say a name. But I won’t, I won’t.

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