Our vice-president joins the new board of directors of EDP

Ana Paula Marques, current Vice President of Nos, was the name chosen by Miguel Stilwell de Andrade to close the new EDP Board of Directors which will be voted on at the extraordinary general assembly in January. The news was brought forward by Eco and confirmed by Negócios with sources close to the company.

Graduated in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and an MBA from INSEAD, Ana Paula Marques is a historical manager at Nos, having transferred from Optimus – which after the merger with Zon resulted in nos. He started his career in the marketing area of ​​Procter & Gamble, after having also held in the operator headed by Miguel Almeida other positions of Marketing and Sales Director of the Private Mobile Business Unit, as well as Director of the Business Unit. Data.

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, interim CEO of EDP, has already chosen the management team he wants alongside him for the next term which will also usher in a new era at EDP, after the departure of the historic CEO: António Mexia.

The new team will have fewer managers, dropping from seven to five, but it won’t be much different from the current one. Besides Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, the executive board will include Rui Teixeira, current interim CEO of EDP Renováveis, Miguel Setas, Vera Pinto Pereira and a new fifth member, as reported by Eco.

The historical leaders of the group include Martins da Costa, Marques da Cruz and Teresa Pereira. Marques da Cruz, known as a close manager of China Three Gorges (CTG), EDP’s largest shareholder, leaves at a time when EDP Renováveis ​​wants to strengthen its weight in the United States, a country which has put the brakes on Chinese investment.

After the reduction of the executive committee, the natural thing will also be the shrinking of the General Supervisory Board (CGS), which in addition to Luís Amado, the chairman, still has 20 names, the same sources told Business.

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade took over as interim CEO of EDP in July, after António Mexia was suspended from his post by court order as part of the EDP process.

Late last month, António Mexia sent a letter to EDP stating that he was not available to join a new board of the power company. As a result, the company announced that it will hold an extraordinary general meeting in January to elect the new board members, after asking the company’s acting executive chairman, Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, to submit a proposal regarding the composition of the “leader of the boards for the next quarter.”

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