Why is honey not mixed with Chinese sugar syrup even when tasted?

New Delhi, December 3, 2020, Thursday

The Center for Science and Environment (CSE) claimed that most companies in India are adulterated with honey, for which a total of 12 brands of honey sold in the Indian market have been selected. After a long investigation by the CSE, he learned that the sugar syrup was adulterated in 4% of samples from different brands. Sugar syrup, usually mixed with honey, is made from rice and sugar cane. China exports large quantities of this type of syrup to India. Surprisingly, honey is sold in large quantities in Chinese sugar syrup because this mixture does not meet the standards set for the purity of honey in India.

Various honey samples have been tested by the CSE at the Center for Analysis and Learning in Livestock and Food of the National Dairy Development Board, but samples of different brands of honey passed in Indian laboratories have been tested in a special Magnetic Resonance laboratory. nuclear (NMR) in Germany. Most of the failed samples were found to be adulterated with Chinese sugar syrup. According to the CSE, the NMR test is used all over the world to test modified sugar syrup. The investigation revealed adulteration of sugar syrup in a sample of 4% honey.

According to a source, the sample passes the test until the honey contains up to 90% Chinese sugar syrup. This led to a demand for a ban on sugar syrups and honey imported from China. According to information received, Chinese companies mixed 30 to 40 percent sugar syrup and sold it as honey. NMR testing for honey imported to India became mandatory from August 1. This means that no action has been taken by Tantra in India for a long time.

People are increasing their consumption of honey to boost immunity, especially now when there is an outbreak of cholera. Honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, but consuming adulterated honey is dangerous. It is beneficial to buy important medicines like honey from beekeepers and sell it in its natural form.


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