Frequently cooking with processed oils  can deter your weight loss goals

If you suffer from indigestion, inflammation and other gut or digestive-related issues, cooking oil might be a huge culprit

 Seed oils, including products from grapeseeds, soybeans, peanuts and canola are the "absolute worst offending oils to cook with"

When unsaturated fats are exposed to high heat, their double bonds break. This breakage results in rapid oxidation

Free radicals are highly damaging to the human body and can cause inflammation, premature aging, plus cellular membrane

This exposure to high-heat not only causes free-radical production, but it denatures the naturally occurring vitamin E

Both experts advocate for less-processed oils like unrefined olive oil, avocado oil and cold-pressed coconut oils

Because they are less processed, Hannaford says, "these oils maintain more micro-nutrients, are rich in antioxidants