The Boy II a sequel that was released to terrible reviews is now hitting Netflix

When more recent movies hit Netflix, especially those that are part of franchises, they tend to perform really well for the streamer

Whether it be action films with an A-list star or comedies with popular ensembles, films from the last decade or so that didn’t make waves in theaters

Brahms: The Boy IIthe sequel to TheBoyhas a horrible 11% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and just 44% from the audience

Now that’s on Netflix, however, Brahms is starting to catch on with some people who missed it the first time

The film was recently added to Netflix and has already leapt into the streamer’s rotating Top 10 Movies list

“On the heels of trauma, a couple relocates to a remote estate, where their young son bonds to a doll who is very lifelike — and possibly very evil.”

Monday's edition of the list shows Brahms as the seventh most popular film on the entire service