Founder of ikigai travel recommend several places that are suitable for both new and experienced travellers

More women are taking up solo travelling. Safety and fun are the two prerogatives we keep in mind while organising female-focused solo trips

Vietnam: Safe for solo female travellers, a round trip costs ₹14,000 via Kolkata. Female-friendly hostels starts at ₹350 per night and it offers visa on arrival

Sri Lanka: Provides visa on arrival and cost of a round trip plane ride is around ₹12,000 from Chennai

Maldives: Solo travellers can enjoy swimming with sharks and other marine life. It has free visa on arrival and a round trip airfare

Turkey: Taking a hot-air-balloon ride in Cappadocia is a dream for many. Round trip airfare via Delhi will cost you ₹40,000

Morocco: Expensive air tickets is the only drawback for Indian travellers but it has a lot to offer — from the Sahara Desert to Atlas Mountains and Mediterranean Sea

Bali: Visa is on arrival so you can go berserk for the nightlife and beaches. Round trip airfare starts from ₹22,000 via Kolkata