There’s a revolution happening in the way we power the cars we drive: electric cars

That’s because all the principles of driving an electric car are exactly the same as using one that runs on gas

However, there are differences in the way power is delivered to the wheels. Driving an electric car needs exactly the same road awareness that all driving does

One of the biggest differences you’ll experience the first time you get behind the wheel of an EV is that there’s virtually no engine noise

With no internal combustion taking place in the engine and no exhaust being emitted, the only sound an EV car makes is from the wind passing

That said, manufacturers have begun introducing artificial sounds to replace engine noise

This is both for the benefit of drivers, who sometimes need this feedback to gauge their speed, and for the safety of pedestrians and other road users

Automatic transmission works its way up and down the gears according to the car’s speed and load being placed on the engine