The wellbeing of the land cannot be separated from that of its inhabitants.

“We are connected to this land. We are connected to these waters,” Pueblo Action Alliance Julia Bernal explained recently

"It's a beautiful word," he says, and one with "an understanding that there is a connection to the land, to the water, to the air."

So when we're talking about fighting for the climate, he explains, "we're not talking about fighting for the climate. We're talking about fighting for ourselves

We're talking about fighting for our Earth Mother, Father Sky, all of these beautiful things, the four-legged

But in a legislative session that ended last month, four different hydrogen hub plans died, all of which were contentious because they relied on hydrogen made from natural gas

The call for "land back, water back," DeVore says, has a direct tie to this issue, and "inserts our Nations into the conversations aimed at commodifying our land, water and air."

The latest proposal did not ask for opinions of the community, he says, noting that "hydrogen is not a clean energy, and is in fact resource intensive