Knowing to avoid 'thickening' shampoo products can be helpful to remember as well!

Hair loss and thinning can be caused by the natural effects of aging, the ways and we might wear our hair, stress and an unhealthy diet

You might think, if you have thinning hair, that a logical solution would be to choose a 'thickening' product

"Long-term use of this shampoo may clog the pores of your scalp, interfering with the oxygen supply in the skin," Boyer says

One ingredient that Udoh deems vital to avoid for thinning or weaker strands is sodium lauryl sulfates (often abbreviated as SLS)

Alcohol is another shampoo ingredient you'll want to avoid if you already have fine or delicate hair, Carter expain

When it comes to hair products for thinning hair, experts stress that you really should use products recommended by your dermatologist

There are small changes and choices you can make to make sure you have a healthier scalp and hair